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Roberto Brighenti  Ph.D.


Associate Professor of Solid and Structural Mechanics



ResearcherID:          F-4986-2013

Scopus Author ID:  6603794567




Research topics:


  • Mechanics of soft materials (polymers, active responsive materials) (examples).

  • Computational mechanics: development of Finite Elements for mechanical problems.

  • Particle method for solid and granular materials (examples).

  • Meshless methods with application to fracture mechanics.

  • Structural optimisation,  Fracture and fatigue repair optimisation.

  • Composite materials and structures under static and fatigue loading.  Composite materials optimization.

  • Buckling and fracture interaction in thin-walled structures.

  • Discontinuous F.E. for brittle material’s simulation (examples).

  • Experimental behavior, numerical modelling, design, analysis of flawed structures (fatigue and fracture).

  • Multiaxial fatigue modelling and assessment in materials and structures.



Research projects:


H2020-WIDESPREAD-2018-03, “Structural Integrity and Reliability of Advanced Materials obtained through additive Manufacturing”, SIRAMM, European project  (action: CSA), Project No. 857124, duration: 42 months (2019-2023).


  • German Research Foundation (DFG) (International Collaboration with Prof. Timon Rabczuk), title: ”Phase field modelling of fracture in elastomeric materials: theoretical and numerical issues in predicting damage and failure in highly deformable materials”, Project No. 418518589.


  • Ministry for Foreign Trade – ICE – Board of the Italian Univ. Rectors (CRUI), “Development and optimisation of a joint connection system for precast coating panels with high thermal insulation properties”, 2010-2011.


Author of about 220 scientific papers

published in International Journals, chapt. of International books and in Proceedings of  national and international conferences 

(Complete List of publications). 



Editorial activities:


Other Scientific Activities

  • Guest Editor of the Special Issue of the Journal “Materials” (MDPI, IF=3.057) on “Damage and failure of polymers, polymer-like materials, adhesives and polymer nanocomposites”, 2019.

  • Co-Guest Editor of the Special Issue of the Journal “Advances in Materials Science and Engineering” (Hindawi Publ.) on “Mechanics, Fatigue, and Fracture of Structural Joints”, 2019 (

  • Co-Guest Editor of the Special Issue of the Journal “Engineering Fracture Mechanics” related to the international conference “Crack Path 2015”,  Vol. 167, 2016.

  • Co-Guest Editor of the Special Issue of the Journal “Engineering Fracture Mechanics” related to the international conference “Crack Path 2012”,  Vol. 108, 2013.

  • Member of the Int. Scientific Committee of the “First International Symposium on Risk Analysis and Safety of Complex Structures and Components” (IRAS2019,, July 1-2, 2019, Porto, Portugal.

  • Member of the Int. Scientific Committee of the “Eighth International Conference on Thin-Walled Structures” (ICTWS’18,, July 24-27, 2018, Lisbon, Portugal.

  • Member of the Int. Scientific Committee of the “7th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Structures” (AMS’18,, March 28-31, 2018, Timisoara, Romania.

  • Member of the Int. Scientific Committee of the “7th International Conference on Coupled Instabilities in Metal Structures” (CIMS 2016,, Baltimore, Maryland (USA), November 7-8, 2016.

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